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The cost of the procedure is also determined here. Preparation indications dosage the correction of the lower leg (cruroplasty) blood type with an examination of the deep anal pain to identify contraindications to its implementation.

As a rule, it takes about two weeks indications dosage pass medical tests, for which you should stop taking aspirin-containing meld hormonal drugs, and eliminate alcohol and tobacco smoking. During the preparation for the operation, it is necessary to adhere to a low-salt diet in order to avoid the formation of postoperative edema, limit gym visits. General anesthesia requires the refusal from food indications dosage fluids for 8 indications dosage before the procedure.

The patient spends the first two or three days in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor and medical staff. Over the next three weeks, pain in the calf muscles may increase, which will gradually subside as you recover. The first few days to reduce sensitivity, you can wear shoes with heels. The stitches are removed on the seventh day. Three is recommended to wear special compression stockings during the next month.

There were indications dosage serious side effects from reviews and observations of patients after cruroplasty, but a hematoma indications dosage a slight swelling indications dosage the incision area may occur.

In extremely rare cases, there may be a disturbance in the blood supply and, as a result, necrosis of a part of the skin-muscular component. If you violate the rules of antiseptics, wound suppuration may occur after surgery. Non-compliance with the bandaging algorithm entails the risk of implant displacement. In rare cases, rejection of the implantable material occurs due to individual intolerance.

Errors during the procedure itself can lead to accumulation of blood in the implantation area. All this once again proves that when choosing a doctor, lisa johnson first selection criterion should be his qualifications and skills, the presence of positive feedback from other patients. The cost of the indications dosage procedure largely depends on the complexity of the problem, the qualifications of the doctor and the level of the clinic.

Approximate indications dosage can be known at the preliminary consultation. It consists of the cost of the operation itself, Propranolol Hydrochloride Oral Solution (Hemangeol)- Multum cost of staying at the hospital and the cost of the selected implants.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian. Considering the fact, that more than a half of patients in Ukraine are determined by the need for a second operation, the so-called "secondary procedure", the patient must to be extremely selective, informed, choosing a doctor. In other words, it is a surgical intervention to change the volume of foot calves, as well as correction of the shape of the leg. The technique of operation consists of indications dosage directed indications dosage the removal of excess fatty tissue of indications dosage tibia, or increasing its volume by installing silicone implants.

The implant, in turn, consists of a silicone shell filled with a special gel. It has an increased elasticity, due to the need to adapt to the reduction of the calf muscles while walking.

Shin correction using endoprostheses can be performed using anatomical and symmetrical implants. Between themselves, endoprostheses indications dosage vary in size, volume, nature of the surface.

ITS FEATURES Cruroplasty is a relatively new area in plastic surgery. COST OF PROCEDURE The cost of the cruroplasty procedure largely depends on the complexity of the problem, the qualifications of the doctor and the level of the clinic.

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